Counseling Reviews


Thank you Dr. Barbara for watering my destiny seeds. You are my earth angel.”  R.B.  (5/5/20)

(Client brought up homework assignment; astonished regarding client’s diligence in doing homework and analyzing and being philosophical and thoughtful in completing the assignment.) She said, “It was hard, but it was worth it.”                        M.A.  (2/11/20)

“I appreciate the growth and getting free from bondage and depression I felt before coming here for counseling.”                 M.A.  (10/16/19)

“You are an inspirational doctor of God.”  R.B. (10/8/19)

“Thank you for reassuring me that this is a judgment free and confidential environment and that my thoughts are safe with you. I’m so grateful that God has brought you into my life.”  M.A. (6/4/19)

“A former church member prayed for me that God would send someone in my life to help me overcome my depression and being stuck” (re: life issues, unforgiveness, childhood abuse, etc.) “It’s helped me tremendously.”  M.A. (2/26/19

“Dr. Barbara – The Salt of the Earth

Words could never express how much I appreciate you letting me fly on your wings.”  C.D. (10/2018) 

All is beautiful in my life. Yes I experienced a deep work (cleansing, pruning, healing, and restoration) from the Lord from Jan- April. My life (and marriage) have been truly renewed and transformed. I am very grateful for the time we shared together. I thank the Lord for using you in initiating this glorious work in my/our lives.”  V.B. (5/24/17)

A Polished & Purified Vessel

“The Lord says He has a shelf that's put aside and He only has vessels that are polished and purified on the inside and empty for special assignments, and He picks those vessels and He fills them because of particular jobs. And your vessel is purified, your vessel is empty. He is going to fill you and break you like the alabaster box and pour you onto the people and meet their needs- not only emotionally but spiritually.”  V.B. (2016)

“I told the doctor I’ve been seeing a Christian counselor, and that you don’t prescribe any medication, but the only medicine you do prescribe is Psalm 91 and 23rd Psalm, and encouragement... Then the doctor started reciting the scriptures!”

(I told my client she was supposed to be there this morning… She said the doctor told her the same thing!)                          C.R.  (10/12/16)

What you say is necessary. God will send us a hug.  C.D. (8/9/16)

“God Sent You

 God sent you here for me, because He knew I needed your help.” C.D. (2016)